The Phillips Machine Tools-RVCE combination accelerating at breakneck speeds

Phillips Machine Tools has a very rewarding relationship with the Ashwa Racing team of the Rashtriya Vidyalaya College of Engineering (RVCE), Belagavi.This is an exemplary relationship of an industry-institute partnership across states.

The Phillips Machine Tools-Ashwa Racing relationship commenced in August 2016 when Mrs. Miranda met the Ashwa Racing team in Mumbai. Phillips offered sponsorship during the Design phase of the 2017 Hybrid Racecar project. The team attained the second position in the annual Formula Hybrid 2017 event held in New Hampshire, US. Presently, Phillips is a Silver sponsor of the team’s Hybrid Racecar Vehicle project for the 2018 race season.

Phillips provided the Ashwa team relevant components that were machined on world-class machining centers from HAAS. The Ashwa team was free to design innovatively and then rely completely on Phillips for highest quality and precision of the components.

Phillips encouraged the young Ashwa team to continue on its ambitious path in the field of engineering, mobility and racing excellence. Ashwa Racing epitomizes how frugal, innovative engineering combined with dedication, perseverance and a commitment to be the best helped an Indian team achieve global recognition.

The Ashwa team would like to express its gratitude to the PHILLIPS community for supporting their young, talented engineers in their quest to become the best and showcase India on a global stage. The team is short of words to appreciate Phillips for becoming a part of the Ashwa family.

Electrifying visit at HAAS facility by Indian delegates

The Indian delegates were amazed by the HAAS production facility and overwhelmed by the warm hospitality at Oxnard.

HAAS & Phillips jointly arranged a visit of 12 Indian customers to its plant in Oxnard, California, US. These customers could see first-hand how HAAS builds world-class products in a modern >1.6 million square foot facility. About this visit, Sarthak Vetal, AVP Production-Eagleburgmann India Pvt. Ltd., remarked, “The HAAS-USA factory setup has several modern machines. The plants are very systematic, and the operation is sequence-oriented. Various critical machine parts like the control and spindle, are manufactured and tested carefully. I thoroughly enjoyed the visit.” Ganeshbhai Thumar, Director-Ashish Engineering Works, commented, “I am very much impressed by the manufacturing facilities, production systems, paperless work, management by robots, cleanliness

and safety precautions. We received a very warm welcome and heart-touching hospitality. Thanks to the entire HAAS and Phillips team.”

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