Tremendous Rigidity And Excellent Machining Quality

L.K. Drill Tap Centre with Auto Pallet Changer BTC 550 APC

Phillips Machine Tools India launches L K Machinery Corporation’s Ultra High Speed CNC Compact Milling Center for the Indian market.
The growth in the Indian manufacturing sector has resulted in increasing demand for highly productive, automated CNC machines. PHILLIPS Machine Tools is proud to introduce the innovative BTC-550 APC to the Indian market.
BTC-550 series machines are designed for demanding production requirements and 3- axis high-speed cutting on hard material in addition to multi-face or multi-axis interpolation. Based on the box-in-box cubical structure, BTC machines can be fitted with a standard table, pallet change unit or integrated 5-axis rotary table.
The BTC-550 APC is built for high productivity and is a combination of a sturdy mould making structure with high acceleration/deceleration features of a tapping center. The rapid APC system eliminates work piece loading and unloading with a 3.2 seconds pallet change time. The entire pallet change unit is anchored on the machine eliminating overhang. Also, the centre hole is in the middle of the pallet changer providing easy access to piping and wiring.

MT-800P Dual Pallet (850 x 500) CNC Machining Center

Phillips Machine Tools India introduces a CNC machining center with enhanced feed rates, tremendous rigidity and excellent machining quality.

MT-800P is a high productivity dual pallet CNC machining center for medium size components. Its high -speed swing type pallet change reduces waiting time during pallet change which results in pallet change in only seven seconds, providing high efficiency and automation features. It is equipped with a direct -drive spindle with speeds of 10,000 rpm making it a versatile choice for a variety of industries including automotive and general engineering.

Rapid traverse rates on 3-axes are 36/36/36 m/ min which effectively reduce non-cutting time. It is designed with high speed, high rigidity and heavy duty type linear ways for increasing circle cutting rate, feed rate and fine milling quality. A special extension is designed for the APC system, in order to avoid non-balance at the outside pallet, which is very different than most manufacturers. This design has increased the rigidity much while machining.