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High Performance Turning Centers for Any Shop-floor

The best-Value Turning Centers in the Industry

ST Series Turning Centers

The Haas ST Series high-performance turning centers were designed from the ground up to provide setup flexibility, extreme rigidity, and high thermal stability. These machines offer the best performance for the money – the best value – in their class

haas VMC

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Disclaimer - The machine image is shown with optional accessories. Prices and offers are subject to change without prior notice.

Standard Features

6.5” - 18”
Chuck size

1.75” - 12.5”
Bar Capacity


15-55 HP

Models Available

haas VMC


CNC Lathe with 12 x 16" max capacity and 1.75 bar capacity

haas VMC


CNC Lathe with 12 x 16" max capacity and 2.5 bar capacity

haas VMC


CNC Lathe with 13" x 22.5 max capacity and 2.5 bar capacity

haas VMC


CNC Lathe with 13" x 22.5 max capacity and 3.0 bar capacity

haas VMC


CNC Lathe with 13" x 22.5 max capacity, A2-8 nose, and 4.0 bar capacity

haas VMC


Mid-Size CNC Lathe with A2-6 spindle nose and 3.0 (76 mm) bar capacity

haas VMC


Mid-Size CNC Lathe with A2-8 spindle nose and 4.0 (102 mm) bar capacity


Image 1 Spindles
Elevate performance with ST Series spindles: 20% more stiffness, 50% less thermal expansion, and hassle-free reliability through automatic lubrication. Crafted in-house for easy service in Southern California.
Image 2 Turrets & Live Tooling
Maximize your Haas lathe with the BMT65 turret, offering 4000-rpm live tooling. Opt for the half-index version for 24 stations, including 12 with live tool capability, expanding your machining capacity.
Image 2 Multi-axis Machining
Maximize efficiency with Haas ST Y-axis lathes – the simplest entry to multi-axis machining. Achieve single-setup part completion using Y axis, C axis, and live tooling. Haas control ensures easy multi-axis machining with built-in features.
Image 2 Lathe Probing
Maximize machine productivity with Haas probing solutions. Set up any machine in minutes with easy-to-use Automatic Tool Presetter. Its user-friendly interface and quick programming make it a smart investment for efficiency.
Image 2 Chips & Coolant Management
Optimize machine performance with Haas – leaders in chip and coolant management. Choose from the industry's widest selection of options for efficient chip removal, ensuring your machine operates at its full potential.
Image 2 The HAAS control
Experience Haas Control: Unmatched simplicity, seamless transitions between machining centers. Maximize your investment with power-failure detection and HaasConnect remote monitoring.

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