PHILLIPS Machine Tools India is the premier supplier of turning machines and machining centres throughout India.

With every year of progress, we are the major leading distributor of the Indian Machine Tool market with the widest assortment of Turning Machines.



Haas Automation’s absolute line of CNC turning centers is intended to meet the requirements of modern machine shops, now and long into the future. PHILLIPS has plugged up a new version of circulation hype which is exquisitely different from any of the distributors of the country and hence forth the leading distributors of the country. PHILLIPS Machine Tools India has incorporated the best ever marketing strategies to endorse the machines in a way where the customers can easily access to.

The turning machines offer a varied range of capacities, including big-bore versions, dual-spindle models; live tooling with C-axis, and Y-axis capability. The modus operandi of PHILLIPS has conquered the market of distribution to the core.

Phillips Turning:

Phillips CNC Flat Bed heavy duty lathe machines offer excellent value for money. These machines are the best reliable solution for all your CNC turning needs.


YSP offers CNC Vertical Lathe Machine that provides perfect solution for vertical large capacity cutting needs. PHILLIPS Machine Tools India is the premium distributor of YSP since years and has become the integral part of their distribution process now. PHILLIPS caters to multi-dimensional promotion and deliveries of machineries within the given demographics creating a major publicity and demand of the machineries. Easy to operate, Heavy Duty Lathe Machines have extra safety features such as complete splash guard, protection door, warning light etc.