Introducing haas 5 Axis Machining Centers: The Simplest, Most Affordable Way to Get Into 5-Axis Machining

HAAS 5 Axis Universal Machining Centers

haas VMC

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Standard Features

8,100 – 20,000 RPM









High-Speed Machining control option

Made in the USA             

Models Available

haas VMC


Travels (X,Y,Z) – 381 X 356 X 305 mm

haas VMC


Travels (X,Y,Z) – 610 X 406 X 406 mm

haas VMC


Travels (X,Y,Z) – 762 X 508 X 508 mm

haas VMC


Travels (X,Y,Z) – 1016 X 635 X 635 mm

haas VMC


Travels (X,Y,Z) – 1270 X 762 X 722 mm


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High Speed Machining

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Pallet Pools

HAAS Robot Package 1 & 2


What is the B-axis on a Haas UMC machine?

The B-axis is a rotary table that allows the cutting tool to rotate around the workpiece. This provides 5-axis simultaneous motion, which means that the cutting tool can move in all five axes simultaneously. The B-axis on a Haas UMC machine is a high-precision rotary table that is capable of rotating the cutting tool up to 180 degrees. This allows the machine to machine complex parts from any angle, which can save time and improve accuracy.

What are the features of the CNC control system on a Haas UMC machine?

The CNC control system on a Haas UMC machine is a high-performance system that allows for precise machining. The control system features a graphical user interface (GUI) that makes it easy to program and operate the machine. The control system also includes a number of wizards that guide the user through the programming process.

How are Haas UMC machines built to be durable and reliable?

Haas UMC machines are built to be durable and reliable. They are made from high-quality materials and components, and they are designed to withstand the rigors of daily use. The machines also undergo extensive testing before they are shipped to customers.

What are some of the applications of Haas UMC machines?

Haas UMC machines can be used for a wide variety of applications, including Aerospace, Medical, Automotive, Mold making, Toolmaking, General machining

What are the benefits of using a Haas UMC machine?

The benefits of using a Haas UMC machine include High accuracy, Durability, Ease of use, Competitive pricing, Ability to machine complex parts from any angle, Increased productivity, Reduced scrap, Improved accuracy

Where are the HAAS machines made?

The high-performance HAAS VMCs are manufactured in Oxnard, California USA. These machines are proudly made in America. It is home to the largest, most modern production facility in America for machine tool manufacturing and has produced over 200,000 machine tools since 1998.