What materials can wire EDM cut?

Phillips Machine Tools is one of the largest manufacturers of wire-cut EDM machines At Phillips, we are ready to help. We offer Productivity Solutions on every front. Affordable, innovative services for building better skills, better processes, and better-performing machines like wire-cut EDM machines, milling and turning machines, etc., from the best of brands. This article will explore how the wire-cut EDM process works and what materials can be cut using this method.

What is wire EDM, and how does it work?

Wire Electric Discharge Machining (EDM) is a cutting process used for metals. A wire is passed across the part to be cut, disintegrating the metal. But how will passing a wire cut a metal? An electrically charged brass wire is used here, which travels in a fully automated and controlled manner. The wire moves close to the workpiece without touching it. The gap between the two is almost as thin as human hair. The method does not require any mechanical force and is similar to the laser cutting process. The metal/workpiece and the wire are fully submerged in a dielectric fluid, or the fluid itself is flushed over the metal and wire. The fluid helps remove the disintegrated particles of the metal. During this process, sparks are produced that cut the metal;  even though the disintegrated metal particles are pretty small, the sparks are discharged around 100,000 times in a second. Wire EDM helps cut metals and shape them in intricate designs, which other techniques can’t. The precision in this unparalleled and entirely automated system helps deliver consistent results every time. Wire cut EDM is also known as wire burning, wire erosion or spark EDM. Metals that are required to be cut from the center rather than the outside, a hole is first made using EDM at the center, and then a wire is passed to create the desired shape.

What materials can be cut using EDM wire?

Any conductive material such as steel, titanium, aluminium, brass, alloys and superalloys can be cut using the EDM wire method. With its accuracy, the EDM wire cut technique has become a convention cutting method in all industries. Machine parts, logos and other metals can be cut and made with ease using EDM wire. The use of EDM wire for producing parts or its prototype depends on the thickness and size of the part to be cut and the length of cut to be created. If you are looking for assistance while buying a wire-cut EDM machine, reach out to us today. Our dedicated team of experts can guide you to find the best machines per your requirements and goal.

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