“We’re confident that our sales, service and application Partners know what needs to be done to revolutionize the experience we create for our customers and it is our belief that Phillips 360 Teams will give them the opportunity to accomplish this.​”

Phillips 360 Team

Delivering Trusted Relationships and Legendary Value

With Phillips 360, you have a dedicated local team of experts looking out for your business. Sales, service, and applications professionals, all zeroed in on your success. This “single minded” focus on your objectives allows us to:

// Minimize Downtime…with faster response times
// Prevent the Unexpected…with early, targeted maintenance
// Innovate on Your Behalf…with new technologies, software, and solutions in sync with your business.

With Phillips 360, you’re being served from every angle. Sales. Service. Applications. One highly coordinated team devoted to your machines, your business, your goals.

Experts Dedicated to Your Succes

Over 150 machines installed in the Southern India market
Number of places you need to go for all your manufacturing needs
Sumeet Bengeri
GM - South

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Arun B
Sales Additive Manufacturing - South

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Basavaraj Marihal
Sales - Bangalore

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R. Tharani Kumar
Sales - Bangalore

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R Rajamohan
Sales - Chennai

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S Ragavendra Swamy
Sales - Chennai

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Shankar Acharya
Sales - Hyderabad

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Anil H S
Sales – Bangalore

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Praveen M
Application - Chennai

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Subramanya S
Application - Bangalore

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Suman Gowda NC
Application Additive Manufacturing - South

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Sunil Kumar K N
Service - Manager(Bangalore)

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Thejas S​
Service - Manager(Bangalore)

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Aneesh M
Service – Chennai

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Shashank Ramannavar
Service - Bangalore

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Brands Represented in Southern India

Phillips is one of the largest suppliers of state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment in the nation.

We carry the best machines from the best brands. But that’s just half the story. With Phillips, you get a dedicated team of experts. People ready to provide everything you need for success: Fast service, productivity solutions, training, and more.

For us, it’s not just about the machines. It’s about the people who stand behind them.


Welcome to the Future of Manufacturing

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