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Address your labor needs, increase your productivity , and become more competitive.

10+ years selling Haas CNC machines and building automation cells for the aerospace and defense markets

25+ years in outside sales and business development, with a focus on productivity improvement and cost savings.

My goal is to educate the market that Universal Robots are designed and built to automate repetitive, dangerous and monotonous tasks, giving manufacturers the flexibility they need to achieve their business goals

Phillips Automation

Machine Tending Solutions From Your Machine Tool Experts

Automation is the competitive advantage you need.

Manufacturers around the world are turning to automation to help solve labor shortages, increase productivity and improve product quality.

Phillips partners with Universal Robots, Load & Go by Automation Within Reach and Haas Automation to offer a variety of robotic solutions to meet the specific needs in the industry.  Our solutions provide a cost-effective, flexible, and safe automation solution for a wide range of production tasks.

When you have a need for machine tending, Phillips Automation has your solution.


2020 Section 179
Tax Deduction

Get your cobot, get your tax break, and get your business back in the game for 2021.

You may be eligible* for a significant federal tax deduction that will stretch your equipment budget and help prepare for the fastest COVID-19 recovery possible using safe, flexible, and easy-to-use UR collaborative robot arms.

*Contact your tax advisor for details. 
Universal Robots

Automation Within Reach Promotion

DC Series Automation Solutions for as low as $89,900!

Add steady, uninterrupted production to your shop with Load & Go automation. The Load & Go offers a simple and affordable way to automate part production and boost productivity! 

Get a quote on a solution for your shop!


With Phillips 360, you have a dedicated local team of experts looking out for your business. Sales, service, and applications professionals, all zeroed in on your success. This “single minded” focus on your objectives allows us to:

//   Minimize Downtime…with faster response times
//   Prevent the Unexpected…with early, targeted maintenance
//   Innovate on Your Behalf…with new technologies, software, and solutions in sync with your business.

With Phillips 360, you’re being served from every angle. Sales. Service. Applications. One highly coordinated team devoted to your machines, your business, your goals.

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