Pathways to Virtuosity

Virtuosity means, the quality of being extremely skilled at something. Partners at Phillips Corporation follow the path to virtuosity which helps them improve their contribution to not just Phillips’ growth but theirs too. When one starts being a virtuoso, their attitude improves, which then defines their performance.

The path to virtuosity is a path to continuous learning & self-improvement. Whatever the mind of a human can conceive and believe it can achieve, therefore if one thrives to improve their domain expertise on a continuous basis they would truly embark on the path of becoming a virtuoso and a role model.

Becoming ones best self is critical to being a role model, which one would see in everyone working with Phillips. We are a conscious mental companion to the journey of stakeholders at large; partners at Phillips constantly & quietly keep energizing and keep encouraging fellow partners to become a virtuoso. At Phillips, everyone works towards the common goal i.e. towards the Mission & Vision of Phillips Corporation. Partners co-exist by assisting and giving their expertise in improving the outcome, that is how strong the vibe is at Phillips.

“I joined three and a half years back, but it still feels like I joined yesterday, as I have been able to enjoy what I do at Phillips since day one, because I have never stopped learning & implementing newer strategies. Phillips has taught me to always remain one step ahead, by forming great synergies at workplace & beyond, owning the mission & vision of the company, facing the challenges heads on, looking out for opportunities everywhere, and creating legendary value in everything that I do. When I started achieving great outcomes, the passion of delivering High Performance has become a habit for me.”
Nikhil Modi