Hiring Process - The Phillips Approach

Tired of the same old interviews? Spending most of your time talking to an HR person instead of the team you will be working with? Applying for jobs so companies can just build their pipeline? We take our open positions seriously, so if you see a job available – it is actually available!

Since so many hours are spent at work, we feel it is very important to spend the hiring process making sure we are a good fit for each other, and that you joining Phillips is a mutual decision. Most companies just check if you are technically skilled to perform the job, but at Phillips we hope to build a clear path to growth and success together.


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Sourcing & Screening

This is the part where we find you! Every company looks for top talent, and what makes Phillips unique, is that over 40% of new partners are referrals. Every Phillips partner is responsible for finding people to join our community.

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Technical & Team Interviews

While we feel it is important to make sure you can technically perform at a high level, we feel it is more important for a team to gel in order to effectively work together. That is why the team you will be joining gets the pleasure of starting off the interview process. They are the gate keepers for your progress through our hiring process.

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Deep Dialogue about the Role Description

Role description!? YUP - That is not a typo, we in fact do not have job descriptions! Most jobs have a list of tasks you need to complete, but at Phillips, we create a description of your role as if you performed as a virtuoso. The role you need to perform in order for you and the company to accomplish its mission.

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Culture Fit Dialogue

At this point, you have met the technical qualifications, and the team seems to think you can perform at a high level. Now its time to see how you stack up against our Community Performance Standard. Every candidate is asked to review the Standard and come up with their three best questions & three best suggestions.

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15min Dialogue with our President Alan Phillips

Alan Phillips (or another Top Executive) meets virtually with every single candidate, WORLDWIDE! Not only is this a great opportunity for Alan to get to know you, but also gives you a chance to ask him whatever you want!