Monthly Meetings

Monthly Meetings at Phillips serve as a time to recap the progress towards collective goals, our current projects, and honor those who deserve recognition for their hard work. By reviewing progress towards our financial and brand goals on a monthly basis, everyone at Phillips stays on the same page. When collectively together, Partners are able to bounce ideas off of each other, ask insightful questions, and share different viewpoints on the goals that are strived for.

“The purpose of the monthly meeting is to come together as one Phillips, it isn’t marketing or accounting or sales or Hanover Operations or Federal it is Phillips Corporation. It is a time to learn about the whole of our company and how all of the pieces fit together”

Spreading the high five vibe by celebrating National High Five Day as a theme for a monthly meeting at the Hanover, MD Office!

“I think the monthly meetings gives us a chance to engage with our fellow partners in Bensalem that we do not see daily. It gives us a chance to recognize/reward key partners. It gives us a chance to hear as a group the business side which includes our successes and challenges we face. We have started this year inviting guess from different departments to share messages we all need. When we all leave we hear the same from one source and hopefully learned something we can take with us.”

Some Partners below put together a fun surprise singing performance to play for Alan at one of our monthly meetings!

Michael Garner presenting Virtuoso Awards at a monthly meeting to Anna Smith, Katrina Frick, Michelle Connolly, and Joanne McCann!