Performance Objectives & Breakthroughs

Partner’s Performance Objectives flow from the Profit Center’s Performance Objectives and the Partner’s Role Description. Performance objectives, or POs, are supported by a well-crafted plan and steps to success defined as accomplishments.

Performance Breakthrough Objectives, however, are made from the vision of the future. If accomplished this year, the breakthrough objective will propel Partners to a much higher level of success through the development of competencies and breakthrough thinking! Breakthroughs are what drive our Partners to overcome obstacles and produce significant results in their fields.

The Objectives need to be SMARTER: Specific, Measurable, Audacious, Results-oriented, Time-based, Engaging and Raising the bar. The examples below are examples of taking an ordinary PO and making it SMARTER!

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Test your skills! Is this a SMARTER objective?

Spend 2 hours once a week researching OMAX Waterjets to become a virtuoso for my customers by January 20, 2020. I will be the direct line for my customers for anything related to OMAX.

This is a SMARTER Objective!

It implements all of the aspects required of the SMARTER model!