Personal Statements

Personal Vision, Mission, Values, & Purpose Statements

In order to develop greater clarity as to our cultural performance expectations, we need to focus our energy on creating the Most Powerful Force Imaginable. The Most Powerful Force Imaginable is having people whose purpose in life is best achieved by contributing mightily to a great & worthy mission which is bigger than that individual – in our case the accomplishment of the mission and vision of Phillips Corporation.
Mission: A mission statement will be inspiring, exciting, clear and engaging! It will be specific to the Partner and their particular enthusiasms, gifts, and talents. A mission statement should be broad enough to encompass a lifetime of activities. Our mission statements should be powerful and all-encompassing. All activities can flow from and relate back to the defined mission.
Vision: While a mission statement is centered around the process of what you need to be doing, a vision statement is the end result of what you will have done. It is a picture of how the landscape will look after it’s been affected by a Partner’s efforts. It is the “ideal” for each Partner. The vision statement is the force that will sustain them when the mission statement seems too heavy to endure, enforce, or engage. All significant changes and inventions began with a vision first.
Core Values: A small set of timeless guiding principles. They define for us what we stand for, and we hold them even if they become a disadvantage. These values must stand the test of time.
Purpose: Purpose can be described as a personal “north star”. If a Partner is clear about their purpose, then they are able to focus clearly on what is important to them. They have direction and an energy otherwise absent. The purpose is a personal tagline. Be Passionately Purposeful!
Below are some of the purpose statements from our Partners: