Brand Ambassador

Phillips prides ourselves with being a company where everyone becomes a role model. The best role models are called Brand Ambassadors. These are the Partners whose performance is a reflection of our culture and performance standard. 

“Brand Ambassadors contribute mightily to our Phillips Community because they have found by doing so provides them with the best means for accomplishing their purpose in life.”

The Selection Criteria:

  • A Minimum of 2-years of significant continuous improvement in performance by consistently overcoming roadblocks
  • A proven track record of great accomplishments
  • A role model for our culture by:
    • Engaging Partners in dialogue to create the better idea
    • Utilizing the best tools available in order to accomplish his/her audacious goals
    • Building unique trusted relationships
    • Is irrevocably in the learning mode
    • Consistently partnering to create the better idea with all stakeholders
    • Performs exceptional acts of customer service

Below are some of our Phillips Brand Ambassadors receiving their recognition. We like to highlight one Brand Ambassador every month with a feature on our website about their accomplishments. You can read some of the Brand Ambassador Features here

“Being a Brand Ambassador to me means that in a short time that I first started with the company, I made a positive influence on the company and its customers. It represents that I hit the floor running to not only improve myself but also looked for ways to make the company better through the service provided to the customer while also assisting others in the company to provide better service to our customers. Getting the Brand Ambassador Award means I made a good start, and I am expected to continue on this path by assisting and receiving assistance from all available resources”