Gap International

Phillips Corporation has partnered with a breakthrough consultant firm, Gap International, for over a decade to always challenge the way we think!

Gap International works with leaders in transforming organizations in a variety of ways, including consulting initiatives, breakthrough diagnostics, and measurement tools, as well as leadership and team growth and performance programs (both in-person and online). 

The context of everything Gap does is breakthrough – breakthrough thinking, execution, leadership, strategy and performance – with an intense focus on outcomes. Transforming Phillips Leaders into constantly living in the possibility mindset. 

"Gap International provides insight and tools that help transform an individual's thinking which in turn transforms teams and entire organizations. Our dedicated coaches, including Diane Fetterman and Nancy Sloane, are 100% committed to our individual and combined success at Phillips. Working with Diane for the last two years has had a tremendous impact on my sense of possibility, purpose, ownership, and commitment."


Tim McClanahan with his GAP Award.