Leadership Boot Camp

Leadership Boot Camp is a crash course for Phillips Leaders. Over the duration of 3 to 4 days, a group of Partners will put on their thinking caps and dive into presentations, discussions, and challenges to absorb knowledge, learn new techniques, and learn about the resources available to them to succeed as a leader. 

Part of the Gap Breakthrough Thinking training is integrated into the process. This establishes a foundation for Partners to integrate what they are learning into the proper development of performance objectives and goals or support materials for their success. Some of the subjects covered in the boot camp include Partner Recognition, Effective Listening, Partner Development, and Gap Breakthrough Thinking. 

John Harrison, Kerstin Walz, and Carrie Lenzen receiving their certificates for completing Leadership Boot Camp at the Hanover Office.

“One of my favorite things about Leadership Boot Camp is that everyone on the Community Exceleration Team gets to work one on one with the leaders!”