Phillips 360 Teams

Phillips Corporation’s Commercial Division utilizes Phillips 360 Teams as a business model to Decentralize Ownership of the Customer Experience. Each team is geographically based and consists of the local sales, service and application partners working together in a team environment. Our goal is to make a profound and different impact on our customers, one that allows our Partners to live out the Phillips mission and accomplish their goals.  We often refer to the “Phillips Customer Experience”.  This gives our partners, at the point of contact, the ability and responsibility to influence what our customers think about Phillips.  We take pride in our partners providing the Phillips Customer Experience in all they do. 

The 360 Teams gives our Partners the best environment to foster Team Spirit and an opportunity to create a Team Identity, much like that of any sports team operating with great teamwork and a sense of pride.  Each Phillips 360 Team has a Team Captain and a Field Service Leader.  This provides an opportunity for partners to grow in a leadership role while also bringing a focus to each team.  Each 360 Team is competitive and we use Performance Metrics to measure our accomplishments in defined areas.  Each Captain and Field Service Leader reviews the Metrics and understands what is required of their team to improve and deliver the required results. 

“We’re confident that our sales, service and application Partners know what needs to be done to revolutionize the experience we create for our customers and it is our belief that Phillips 360 Teams will give them the opportunity to accomplish this.”