To partner with our metalworking customers to improve competencies for applying manufacturing technology  --  resulting in leaps in productivity, great prosperity, and enduring competitive advantage.


To accomplish our mission by creating a Phillips Community where we learn to live great lives, by being the best in the industry by every measure.  Each one of us must be on the path to virtuosity.


  1. To be the world's best supplier of manufacturing technology. 
  2. To create a Phillips Community where we learn to live great lives.


Brand Goal:

To be the best resource to our customers, providing legendary customer value as measured by our net promoter's number, resulting in our customers being compelled to buy our breadth of products and services.

Our customers will perceive us as:

  • Family on a mission
  • Creating magic for me and my company
  • Experts dedicated to me
  • Wholeheartedly trusted - they care for me and take care of me
  • I will buy my machines and related services from Phillips
  • Buying from any other source will be a disappointment for me

Brand Strategy:

In the eyes of our customers, consistently achieve the Phillips brand experience, globally, both externally and internally. Create a critical mass of brand ambassadors who, through their performance, establish and manage the brand to achieve the brand goal and our mission and vision.